Virtual Art Exhibition EIXO 2021

EIXO 2021 Collective Virtual Exhibition

June 29th | 29th July 2021


Available online 24 hours

Organized by EIXO Arte Contemporânea

Curated by Sara Figueiredo

Further information:

EIXO Contemporary Art, for the last six years, has opened a competition that covers Brazil and international territory, culminating in an art exhibition.

Designed exclusively to house contemporary artworks, the exhibition brings emerging and recognized artists in the field of Visual Arts, respecting their language, materials and individual support, guaranteeing the richness and diversity of the exhibition. The event’s Collection consists of two- and three-dimensional artworks.

The virtual gallery is designed in 3D rooms which brings the possibility to the visitor, collector and connoisseur visit the Exhibition from anywhere in the world.

The Virtual Art Exhibition 2021 features the following artists:

Carla Crocchi

Claudia Castro Barbosa

Deni Corsino 

Filipe Alves

Hana Brener


Juliana Arruda

Kika Antunes

Laura Bonfá Burnier

Leila Bokel

Lucia Rosa

Luiz Todeschi

Marcia Garcia

Maria Eugênia Baptista

Maria Fernanda Lopes

Maurício Rohlfs

Miguel Barros

Paulo Robalo

Rose Aguiar

Sonia Guaraldi

Tati Cocteau