Art Exhibition


\\ VISUAL IDENTITY for Art Exhibition IMESURA  [Sala Negra, IAB-RS Gallery // Porto Alegre, Brazil]

__Layout for Art Exhibition Board: dimensions 60 x 90 cm, laminated adhesive on wood “mdf”;  IMESURA’ font: 1942 Report, Artists name’s font: Myriad Pro bold, text font: Lato regular \\  Assemblage_Lucas Strey \\ Photographer: Filipe Conde.

__Layout for Invitation Card: 29 x 8 cm colorful printed on “offset” paper 240g

__Layout for art exhibition tags. Dimensions: tags for single art works 11 x 4,5 cm; tags for collective art works 11 x 6,5. Font: Myriad Pro regular and bold. Output: vinil on polystyrene 2mm.

__Layout for Newsletter, layout for Instagram and Facebook’ posts and cover images.

\\ Year_2017