Cats Series

“The Gactos transforms itself and integrates the surroundings, molds itself, becomes a layer. The heart retraces its body and takes different forms, becoming unique – cat and cactus – the heart-shaped cactus and the heart’s cat are reflected.” DeniCorsino, 2019-22 <inprogress> 

The prints of Gacto Collection can be delivered worldwide. Please ask for the pricelist here.

GACTOS. Illustrations that connect art and daily life.

Gacto is a character born on March 26th, 2019: a cat that lives over a heart-shaped cactus. My inspiration comes from the interaction with cats, the appreciation for landscaping and the

influence of social media. The Gacto lives in a space without limits or borders, creating its own rules and an imaginary dimension of endless possibilities.

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“The cat merges with the object, becomes it and vice versa, takes on mirrored forms and colours being itself the continuity of the space.”