DeniCorsino is a Brazilian Visual Artist and Designer

based in Milan, Italy. As creative director of DesignVisivo Studio develops 360º visual design and contemporary art oriented projects since 2010. Every project’s detail is strategically created by a team whose excellence come first. As an independent Visual Artist keep producing artworks since 2015. Her knowhow as a creative professional is a result of an international portfolio since 2003 attending to brands from several segments as fashion, visual design, interior design and architecture. Has been trained in renowned institutions including studies in Visual Communication Design [Politecnico di Milano, Italy], Advertising & Marketing AdSchool [ESPM-Sul, Brazil], Architecture & Urbanism [PUCRS, Brazil] Landscaping [Criart, Brazil], English ESL [Beverly Hills Public School, USA] and Italian Language [Acirs, Brazil]. She is specialized in Art Educational Programmes [Master – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, 2020] and graduated on Visual Arts [UFRGS, Brazil, 2018]. Leads visual design projects for clients in Brazil and Italy and has artworks being presented abroad in countries such as Brazil, Italy, Paraguay, Uk and Germany.

Since 2015 she is an artist member of OM-LAB – a multidisciplinary Artist Collective coordinated by the artist Tete Barachini, in which develops the Research Project called Three-Dimensional Object: Transversalities and Shares. She is currently producing artworks with the Co.Pics Artists Collective, coordinated by the artist Lenora Rosenfield. DeniCorsino’s poetic artwork is characterized by a multimedia and multidisciplinary approach. Her creative process reflects a restless artist who lives in continuous transformation, seeks inspiration from daily life and explores the relationship between body and urban space. Participates in constant events and courses in the field of ​​art, design and communication, and is passionate about the Italian Design Week, a world reference fair. Among the creative proposals, DeniCorsino signs workshops that connects Art and Design such as “Frullatore Lab – 05 weekend of Contemporary Art Labs”- Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genoa-Italy 2019, “Photograph and Design as communication tools for artists”, Brazil 2018, “Space, body and daily: producing art in 10 meetings”, Brazil 2017, “Copyrights on Creative Industry”, Brazil 2017, as well the collaborative project “Trend Hunter Tour” which is focused on Design Week trends [Milan, Italy 2013/ 11]; the project “Cool City Maps” – Brazilian Edition and Italian Design Week Edition 2014/ 2013/ 2012. Being able to understand four languages ​​[ita, eng, esp, pt] it allows her to make global research as an essential tool for differentiation and quality on every creative project.

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_Faixacorpo. Videoart. 1’09”. Venice International Fair, Italy (2020). _Faixacorpo. Videoart. 1’09”. “Áudio Visual sem Destino (AVSD) Ao lado dela, do lado de lá” Exhibition. Curator Elaine Tedesco. Mitte Media Festival. Z-Bar, Berlin – Germany (2018) / UFPA Museum, 9th Edition Prize “Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia” -International Museum Week. Belém- Brazil (2018) / Bronze Gallery, International MuseumWeek. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2018) / Goethe Institute. Porto Alegre- Brazil (2017). _Faixacorpo / Docking Places. Performance. “Obras de Arte na Via” Event – Porto Alegre 245 Anniversary. PMPA-EPTC. Edvaldo Pereira Paiva Avenue. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2017). _Rete di Indra. Collective Open Performance. Cultural Centre Sokka Gakai, Milan – Italy (2019). _Collective Exhibition IMESURA. Artworks: “Unilateral”, 2016 (photoperformance). “Entre a cerca e a comporta”, 2017 (videoart 17’49” e 53”). IAB-RS Gallery. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2017). _Research Article. Subject: Collective Urban Intervention ‘Spying’ | International Youth Researchers Conference AUGM/ Itapúa University. Encarnación – Paraguay (2017). _Visite O ponto. Collective intervention by OM–LAB. 11ª Edition Vizinhança Project. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2017). _5.1 Experience. 5.1 channels Sound Installation. MALM Pop up Festival. Goethe Institute. Curator Hans Peter Khun. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2016). _Rainy Day. Sound Performance. 3’40”. MALM Pop up Festival. Goethe Institute. Curator Hans Peter Khun. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2016). _SUBA NESSE NESSE DESÇA. Site-specific sound installation. Collective OM-LAB. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2015-16). _MALM – Media ArtLabMercosul. Assistant Team – Art Exhibition, Goethe Institute. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2015).


_Educational Program: “Frullatore Lab: 5 weekends of contemporary art labs” Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genoa – Italy (2019) .
_Workshop: “The image and the artist – Photography & Design as tools of communication” Art Cultural Centre Baka. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2018).
_Artistic Program: “1st Edition Artistic Residence Brazil-Colombia Vila Flores & Om-Lab” Porto Alegre – Brazil (2017).
_Educational Program:“Space, body and everyday life: 10 meetings of performative arts” Aplicação College. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2017).
_Workshop: “Talks about copyright in the creative industry: Law 9.610 /98” DAD Theatre Ufrgs. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2016). _Research Project: Three-Dimensional Object: Transversalities and Shares. Colletive OM-Lab + UFRGS. Porto Alegre – Brazil (2015/18).